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Bourne Galletly Surgery

The Galletly Practice was named after its founding GPs, Dr John Galletly and his son Alistair.  The Galletly's house was also the Doctor's surgery from the early 1900s until the early 1970s. 

For the following 20 years, the Practice was based at the Health Centre on St. Gilbert's Road, but in 1996 the Practice "returned home" with the purchase and development of the original Doctor's house at 40 North Road.  A large extension was built to the rear of the house to accommodate all of the rooms for patient care on the ground floor for easy access.   The Doctor's house was refurbished to provide room for the administration and clerical staff needed to support the Practice.

In 2010 the clinical areas were extended to provide extra Doctor consulting rooms and a new waiting room.  Ample car parking spaces were also added.

There are 11 consulting rooms for Doctors and Nurses, a suite of treatment rooms and a facility for minor operations to be performed.   The Dispensary is also located in the patient area for easy collection of prescription medication.

Galletly Practice Doctors

In practice

Dr John Galletly 1890 - 1928 (died 1936)
Dr Alistair Galletly 1928 - 1969 (died 1993)Dr John (Alistair) GalletlyDr Alistair Galletly
Dr Cecil Sweetnam 1951 - 1987
Dr Mulch 1952 - 1954
Dr Geoffrey Smith 1961 - 1993
Dr Sheila Halliday-Pegg 1972 - 1997
Dr Raj Patel 1981 - 2006
Dr Colin Burr 1987 -
Dr Ian Pace 1993 -
Dr Bettina Briggs 1995 -
Dr Julie Harris 1995 -
Dr Antony Wright 1997 -
Dr Paul Cregor 2006 -

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