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10184056 s johnkwanOnce registered for online access you will be able to book appointments without having to contact us

We offer same day telephone appointments and you can book a telephone appointment online. Please remember to enter your telephone contact number in the "reason for the appointment" as well as the brief problem so that we can call you back.

Please check the details of the clinic before you book as some of the clinics are specialised ones - eg cervical smear or treatment room clinics. (Note: not all are live at present as patients have been booking in for incorrect clinics)

If your doctor has authorised a repeat prescription you may order more medication online before your current supply runs out.

Ordering involves ticking the boxes next to the medication you require, telling us where you want to collect your medication and submitting the request. Once accepted by the web service you can be sure that the request has been sent to our system.

You will be able to return to the site to see the status of the prescription, which will go to a doctor to be approved and once approved it will then be issued.

Remember to allow TWO working days for us to process the prescription as the forms still have to be signed by a doctor and sent to the pharmacy you requested.  If you are a dispensing patient your prescription will be ready for collection within TWO working days of your request.  If you use a commercial pharmacy they usually require additional time (usually two working days) to prepare the prescription.

This service is available 24 hours a day.

Other things you can view on line: Your record Summary, Test results, Allergies and your Immunisdations.  For access to consultations, text and letters you need access to the full Electronic Health Record (EHR) access.

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