What are Repeat Prescriptions?

Repeat Prescriptions

Sample Prescription FormRepeat prescriptions are drugs that your doctor has marked as "repeatable".  Many prescriptions are "Acute" prescriptions and these are ONE OFF courses.  However some conditions require medication to be taken regularly for long periods of time (or permanently) and these are the sorts of drugs which would be put on a "Repeat".

In order for repeat prescribing to be safe and as trouble free as possible, we have to stick to a few "rules".  We do not allow repeat ordering of "Acute" prescriptions.  If you have been given an acute prescription and the problem has not resolved then you will need to see or speak with a clinician again as the medication may need to be changed.

A list of Repeat prescriptions is printed out on the right hand side of the prescription form.  The green side is the legal prescription, the white side is used by us to list your repeatable prescriptions.  keep this sheet for future reference. Always keep the latest one issued as this is the one that is up to date.

Underneath your repeat prescriptions is a "Review date".  This is the date that your doctor wants to to come back to the surgery for a review.  Keep an eye on this date as it may change - for instance new evidence may emerge that requries us to change your medication.

Please note that our staff will go by what is listed as repeatable in your medical records - this list may change for a host of reasons between issues of your medication.  So our records are the what we go by.

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