Galletly Practice Patient's Group (GPPG)

49073949 s allendenThe Galletly Practice Patient’s Group is run by volunteers, with the aim of providing additional support for the Practice, and for patient’s on the Practice register, who might be housebound, lack social contact or who just need a ‘friend’.

We raise funds through the sale of books (in the waiting room opposite the Dispensary), and a Christmas raffle.  Funds raised are used to pay for two events a year when older patients who ‘don’t get out much’ have a day being fed, watered and entertained.  We also help the Practice with contributions towards some equipment which they don’t get from the NHS; for example, a mobility scooter, and a blood pressure machine for use by patients.

We also pay for the magazines that are available in the waiting areas.

A couple of years ago we made a contribution to the cost of an ECG machine, which will be key in monitoring patient’s health.  Unfortunately, this is one piece of equipment that is not supplied by the NHS.

We hope you can help with any unwanted books in good condition that we can sell from the Book Room.

Photo©  Ian Allenden

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